What's New:

Sliding shell mechanism

A patent was filed in 2006 and granted in 2009 to a new invention called Sliding Shell Mechanism. This invention is now used for a mentally challenging brainteaser similar to other rotate able type 3D puzzles. However, it offers some distinctive superior features and exciting potential for future variations!

Spherical 3D Puzzle

Symmetrical mechanisms of these sphere shaped puzzles allows for manual rotation of sliding sections. The surface design on the sphere can change by rotating of the sections of the sphere. The player is challenged to return the arrangement to its original pattern, almost the same way as in the Rubik’s cube.

Distinctive Features

There are some features in this new mechanism that has not been easily possible in other similar puzzles of the past:

  • Hollow Core Space
    Not only makes it light like a hollow fly ball but it also provides a space for placement of a treasure or a prize to motivate the player to solve the puzzle.
  • Completely Detachable
    Unlike and superior to the Rubik's cube, this feature allows the player the option to disassemble the puzzle and simply restart from the beginning by solving a much simpler “Jigsaw” puzzle.
  • Locking System
    Special Locking System, if provided, keeps the sphere locked until the player solves the puzzle, and opens it like a safe.
  • Variety of Forms
    It can be designed not only as a sphere but also as a cube or many other forms with the same sliding mechanism.
  • Electronic Features
    Potential for electronic enhancements such as lights, sounds or voice cues to give hints or rewards on moves towards solving the puzzles.