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Green Energy


We have some solutions to increase cost efficiency in clean energy generation. Fourier efficient power units can produce more efficient and less expensive clean energy by utilizing Fourier Solar Tracking technique. These power units are designed in different models:

  1. Basic power units with PV panels Flat arrangement
  2. Corona with vigorous structure and architectural features
  3. Pyramid, a vertical structure to collect more energy in the space
  4. Cyprus, a Christmas tree-shaped structure with decorative features 
  5. Hybrid a Pyramid structure equipped with the wind turbine

General Aspects


  1. Solar power getting on the ground called Irradiance is about 70 W/ S.Ft
  2. The PV solar panels having up to 17% efficiency produce about 12 W/ Sq.Ft
  3. About 15% of this energy gets by Diffuse radiation coming indirectly from all the sky around.
  4. The rest 85% energy of direct radiation called Beam is proportional to the Cos (φ) of the radiation angle.

Tracking Retrieved Energy

  1. Maximum collected energy in a Fixed solar system is 66% or 2/3 of total available energy.
  2. A Single Axis tracker with horizontal rotation retrievals about 20% of the rest 1/3 unused solar energy.
  3. A Dual Axis tracker with horizontal and vertical rotations retrievals 29% of the remained energy.
  4. A dual Axis tracker including a seasonal adjustment device retrievals the whole 1/3 remained energy
  5. A full tracker can potentially increase efficiency up to 150% and gain about 1.5 times more energy compared to a fixed system of equal rating.

Tracker Main Elements

  1. Movable structure including one or two rotating axes.
  2. Drive mechanism including Motors, Gearboxes, seasonal Adjuster and moving accessories.
  3. Control for either an electromechanically, servo-mechanically or hydraulically controlled system.

A conventional solar tracker with these equipment is not cost efficient since its price would be more than the costs for some additional panels plus inverter (up to 50%) to produce the same retrieved energy. or more than a,

Fourier trackers are cost effective since their cost ratio will be below the system critical ratio called Tracking Factor.

For more information see our paper publication: “Solar Energy in a Volume And Efficiency in Solar Power Generation”Click Here.

Fourier trackers are more feasible for following aspects:

  1. Land: Less land required compared to an equivalent fixed solar system
  2. Constructability: fast, easy and practical assembling and Installation.
  3. Reliability: safe, reliable and fully automatic Operation
  4. Maintenance: the tracker mechanism is almost maintenance free and warranted for minimum 20 years.
  5. Appearance: it matches the natural and architectural features of the environment.
  6. Flexibility: capable of using all solar panels brands and ratings.
  7. Ratings: wide range of power capacity between 1 to 10kW and more.

Fourier’s Trackers Advantages

  1. Actively follow the sun with simple mechanism rather than expensive and high maintenance motors and controllers. 
  2. Maximum power possible out of the solar modules all day every season. Its dual axis function provides additional efficiency.
  3. Fourier’s design is rock solid under any temperature, weather condition and winds.
  4. Optional manual controls are available that can override the mechanism, giving control for maintenance operations or for laying the array flat in storm conditions.
  5. Fourier Solar Trackers come in different designs and are not eye soars; they are architectural masterpiece where you would want to show to your neighbors rather than hiding them in the back.

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