Starlab Comming SoonThe Brain Teaser with a Cosmic Twist

Quarks!® is a spherical 3D puzzle based on the sliding shell mechanism. It is also a brainteaser that makes the players familiar with some concepts of modern physics.

Quarks!® is a hollow ball with black holes opened to the deep space with spiral galaxies and moving particles. This design of the Quarks puzzle was inspired by the wondrous world of quarks.

Toopka Comming SoonWhat are quarks?

Quarks are subatomic particles that are one of the fundamental building blocks of all matter in the Universe! These tiny particles are what make up the nucleus of atoms. Atoms are pretty small, but quarks are 100 million times smaller than an atom!

Starlab Comming SoonHow to play Quarks?

Holding the ball with both hands, you can twist the hemispheres in three directions to disrupt the color pattern. The objective of the game is to randomly disrupt the pattern and then to bring it back to its original configuration. To do this you will have to find strategies to match the colors same as in the Rubik's cube. There exist orderly mathematical algorithms to solve the puzzle from any disrupted pattern. This of course can be challenging and frustrating. However, as an alternative to giving up the puzzle can be disassembled and put back to it’s original pattern similar to a Jigsaw puzzle.


Starlab Comming SoonThe Amazing Topoligic Puzzle

Topola!®™ Topola is a puzzle based on the wonderful world of topology. It is an adventure over the seas, a travel to far away lands, to territories with different inhabitants. All these places are located on the surface of this magic globe called Topola where the continuous changes of topology challenge you as you twist and turn to find your way back home.

The game starts from the big island called Peaceland. The object of the game is to take a sailing adventure to catch a whale and bring it to a lake in Peaceland without upsetting the peace between animals and plants. Your journey will take you to other islands. By shifting the pieces of the puzzle you can move the sailboat around but beware of where you move predatory animals or it will disrupt  the peace.

Starlab Comming SoonWhat is Topology?

Topology is the mathematical study of continuity in objects. Like Geometry, it is a branch of mathematics studying space and shapes, but those spatial properties of shapes or solids are preserved under reformations of objects.

The topology of a shape is not changed by stretching or bending, but it may change by separating or attaching. In topology a plate is equal to a bowl; a cup is equal to a doughnut. A bowl cannot be deformed to a cup unless a hole is cut in it for the cup’s eye.

Topology of figures change by splitting or combining. A shape that is cut in pieces or separate parts that are joined as one piece, we say topology is changed!

Starlab Comming SoonHow to play Topola?

You can twist the hemispheres of Topola in three directions to disrupt configuration of the shapes. Objective of this game is going from one arrangement to other by twisting the sections in any direction. In each trip you will find different number of islands with different habitants in new combinations. One of these adventurer trips will be to catch a whale and bring it to the lake inside the big land. However, the main goal is to get back to the Peaceland and bring back the globe to its original configuration. Same as Rubik's cube, final solution to this puzzle needs some orderly mathematical algorithms that is challenging and sometimes frustrating. As an alternative, the puzzle can be disassembled and put back to its original pattern similar to a Jigsaw puzzle.

Descriptive instructions are inserted within these puzzles.